Ludo King Apk Download Latest Version Enjoy!

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Ludo King Apk Download Latest Version

Certainly, in this current scenario, there are ample of mobile games for android as well as for iOS. Ranging from action games to adventure games to strategic to arcade games to board games, options for playing are a lot for all of us.

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ludo king apk download

Many believe that PUBGTM mobile is now ruling over mobile games area, but they don’t know that still there is a game loved by all out there and that’s LUDO KINGTM. Ludo King is a classic board game that is available on all leading platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. So, today we are going to give you a fully working and reliable link so that you can get Ludo King Apk download latest version, but before that, we are going to tell you many a feature of this game such that you all will be demanding to download it.

About Ludo King Apk 

Ludo King apk is a file for playing the game on android devices. Here are some features of the mentioned game:-

  1. Ludo King is the modern version of the royal game of Pachisi. It was a royal game played in India between kings and queens during ancient times.
  2. It’s a board game in which you have to roll the dice and move your token based on the number coming on dice. The first one reaching the center of the board wins.
  3. You can enjoy this multiplayer game with your friends or family.
  4. You have the option of playing both offline and online too.
  5. You can compete with computer and increase your skills too.
  6. Facebook friends can enjoy this game together with no issues.
  7. You have the freedom to play with anyone around the world too during online multiplayer and can also make them your buddies.
  8. Private chat is an option available to a very few games out there and can be enjoyed with Facebook friends and buddies during gameplay.
  9. 2 to 6 players can play at the same time offline.
  10. Enjoy the game without any internet connection.


Ludo King Apk Download Latest Version –

You can enjoy the game soon but before that have a look at never before seen features of a board game ever. These features are only and only available on Ludo King apk and no other game.

Special Features:

  1. Enjoy several themes and enjoy different looks to your game:
    • Egypt theme
    • Nature theme
    • Disco theme
    • Pinball theme
    • Candy theme
    • Christmas theme
    • Penguin theme
  1. More user-friendly UI.
  2. Supported at low-end devices too.
  3. Save/load game function.
  4. Player statistics with XP and level up system.

Ludo King apk download latest version has more than 400 million downloads in total!

Ludo King is a perfect time pass for all age groups. You all have definitely played a ludo board game in your childhood and now you can enjoy the same game on your phones, tablets, or PCs with much more exciting features.

Now, the wait is over, simply click on the below link to download latest Ludo King apk version and enjoy it in your devices.

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ludo king apk download


Download Ludo King Mod Apk

Now possibly you all may have downloaded the normal apk version of the game, but now you can enjoy much more fun with this Mod apk as it has more features over the normal one. More features mean only one thing that more enjoyment, more fun, more interaction with friends and family members, and with random people too. These options are only available in mod apk and that too absolutely free of cost, also you cannot demand these in the normal version. Example of such exciting yet free options are:

  • Unlimited amount of coins
  • Unlimited amount of gems
  • Unlimited retries
  • All themes unlocked

Don’t worry you all can enjoy these features in your devices too and that too free of cost. This link is trusted and working properly and if any error occurs that will possibly due to link cut-out or copyright issues or if the link is removed from the server end. So, stop all the waiting and have fun playing it with your friends or family or just compete with the computer. You just have to download the given link and enjoy this and Ludo King Apk download on your devices. Also, you can also try and enjoy other mod apks provided by us by clicking here.


ludo king apk, ludo king mod apk, ludo king apk download latest version, ludo king apk download, ludo game apk
Ludo King Mod Apk/ludo king apk download

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